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Ancient seawater was trapped with plant life that eventually became hydrocarbon through the geologic process. Oil-field brine is this saline (salt water) by-product generated during oil and gas well operations. The Ohio Department of Natural resources, Division of Oil and Gas Resource Minerals, regulates the management and disposal of brine water. The division received primacy authority of its Underground Injection (UIC) Program from the U.S. EPA in 1983.

DeepRock Disposal Solutions is a leading handler of brine water disposal and management. We specialize in all oil and natural gas plays in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania (including the Utica and Marcellus Shales). Our multi-modal transportation allows for easy highway, barge, and rail access and our Marietta facility is also capable of handling higher Total Suspended Solids (TSS) loads.

DeepRock Disposal Solutions fully complies with all regulations and is committed to protecting the groundwater in our community. We work and live here, and are dedicated to ensuring the proper operation and management of the facilities. Underground injection of brine water into deep formations with containment rock zones, through many layers of steel pipe and cement, is a long-standing and proven method of sequestering produced salt water from fresh surface water.

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