About DeepRock Disposal Solutions

DeepRock Disposal Solutions was started by a local multi-generational natural gas and oil producing family. Additional investors expanded operations to provide services to the greater tri-state region while maintaining deep local connections and commitment to the community to operate in the most responsible manner possible.

Our team includes experienced professionals experienced in development, drilling, production, completions, water treatment and marketing, as well as experience in geology, chemistry, and engineering.

DeepRock offers managed solutions for produced brine water that occurs during the production of natural gas and oil wells. Class II injection wells are widely considered to be the best method for disposal of produced salt water from the oil and gas industry. Unlike other direct disposal techniques, injection wells return the produced salt water to deep formations within the earth from which they were produced. Returning the produced water to similar formations from which it came is the most logical step in the natural process of releasing natural gas and oil from those formations.

Our facilities offer:

  • Five locations in the Mid-Ohio Valley
  • Convenient access to I-70, I-77, WV Route 50, OH Route 7.
  • Rapid truck turn time. Limited to no waiting.
  • Twelve currently operating disposal wells; 30,000+ bbls/day disposal capacity
  • Multiple permits in hand for future development
  • Barge access on the Ohio River
  • On-site rail access